Mechanic Courses

Come learn how to maintain and fix your bike with the guys at PMC.  These courses are taught in the shop, after hours, with small groups to ensure a great hands on learning experience.   Sign up and payment is in the shop in advance of the course date.  Stop in if you have any questions.

More clinics will be offered as to keep with demand.  Other topics can be covered if there is demand, such as bleeding hydraulics, wheel building, drivetrain maintenance and replacement, and many others.

Basic Course

Cost:  $20 for the basic and $30 for the advanced clinics

Duration:  Clinics will last between 60 and 90 minutes

You do not need to bring your bike for any of the clinics.  Bikes and tools will be provided.

Students taking the basic clinic will learn about:

- bike parts and their functions

- diagnosing problems

- perform basic maintenance

- fix a flat tire

- there will be time for questions at the end

Advanced Clinics

At the end of the derailleur clinic you will be able to:

- clean your drivetrain

- set-up/install derailleurs

- adjust derailleurs

- change the derailleur cables/housing

- we do not cover DI2 shifting in the course

At the end of the brake clinic you will be able to:

- clean your brake system

- change your pads

- adjust your brakes

- change the cable and housing for cable brakes

- we will not be bleeding hydraulic brakes

At the end of the wheels clinic you will be able to:

- remove and replace spokes

- true wheels to remove both wobbles and hops

- we will not be building wheels or performing hub maintenance