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Get Your Hands on the Hottest Gear With Our 12 Days of Bikemas

Cycling has the power to bring joy into the lives of your family and friends. Bikes offer everyone the freedom to get outside, to breathe fresh air, to relieve stress, and to celebrate what’s good this holiday season. We’ve put together some great options to inspire your gift giving this season.

Yes this sale is obviously a shameless way to get you into our store, to see our selection, sample our service, and get an introduction to PMC.  To entice you to do so, we are offering some products with substantial savings.  

Each day between December 6th to the 20th, there are particular products on sale.  Yes, the products are only on sale on that day.  Yes, it applies to in-stock items only.  No, there are not rainchecks. And yes, you are out of luck if you miss the sale.  

There will be no reserving of product.  If you really want the savings on lights, and some of our fantastic PMC kit, we will see you on two days.  

Below is a list of which products will be on sale on each day.  Mark the day(s) you need to on your calendar.

Saturday December 3rd

On the first day of Bikemas, my bike shop gave to me:

Lots and lots of bags.

Today we have all bags and panniers on sale.  Saddlebags, seatbags, framebags, trunkbags, and handlebar bags are on sale.  Every in-stock item we have is fair game.  Every brand is on sale.  To make it easy for everyone to remember, all bags are 25% off.

Tuesday December 6th

On the second day of Bikemas, my bikeshop gave to me:

Some parts I may or not need.

We have some overstock on some great service products.  Today we have all Jagwire cable or hydraulic hose kits on sale.  Come on in, grab yourself some cable kits for your bike, and either install them at home, or book an appointment for us to do it.  We also have some Sram ceramic derailleur pulley wheels.  If you know what these are, you could be in luck.  Make sure you check the compatibility of the wheels are as there are several different types for several different types of derailleurs.  Both these products are a whopping 70% off.

Wednesday December 7th

On the third day of Bikemas, my bikeshop gave to me:

Things that I wear on my head.

Today, we have all helmets on sale.  All in-stock Giant or Liv Adult helmets (excluding the Path or Relay models) are a huge 40% off.  That includes Rev, Lanza, Strive, Roost, Coveta, Infinita and Rail.

All Giro, Bell, Giant/Liv Path and Relay, and Giant/Liv kids helmets are 15% off.  

Protection is a pretty easy way to show someone you care about them.

Thursday December 8th

On the 4th day of Bikemas,my bikeshop gave to me:

Everything I need to quench my thirst.

Camelbak bags, and all in stock water bottles are on sale today.  And while we're at it, we'll throw all Nuun in there as well.  Everything hydration related is 25% off.  Cages included.

Friday December 9th

On the 5th day of Bikemas, my bikeshop gave to me:

5 Golden Jerseys!!

Not really gold, but our full suite of black, white, grey and lime green clothing is on sale.  Infact, all our clothing is on sale for 25% off.  Shoes and gloves and socks are excluded.  Shoes are in too short of stock to have an effective sale, and gloves and socks are going on sale closer to Christmas along with most of the other stocking stuffers.

Saturday December 10th

On the 6th day of Bikemas, my bikeshop gave to me:

All the cleaning supplies I'll ever need.

On Saturday, we're going to help you out with stuff that you already buy on a regular basis.  Come by and stock up on all Muc Off products at 25% off.  Lubes, cleaners, cleaning tools, brushes, and the ever popular for Christmas: Muc Off Kits. We kind of think this is like getting socks and underwear for Christmas.  Everyone needs them, so why not kill two birds with one stone?  Stocking stuffers are awesome when they are things you need to buy anyways.

Tuesday December 13th

On the 7th day of Bikemas, my bikeshop gave to me:

Warmth, comfort and protection.

Sounds cheesy doesn't it?  But that's what gloves offer.  Again, things that wear out and we'll be forced to buy ourselves anyways make the best stocking stuffers.  And gloves are awesome.  Everything we have in stock; winter, summer, long finger, short finger, Giant, Liv, Giro, 100%, Endura, you name it, it's 25% off.  It's all out there for the taking.

Wednesday December 14th

On the 8th day of bikemas, my bikeshop gave to me:

Something to pump me up.

All inflation; floor pumps, portable pumps, CO2 inflaters, and CO2 cartridges are all on sale for 25% off.  If you've been suffering with an old pump, are sick of using presta valve adapters, or just need to stock on up cartridges, this is the day you've been waiting for.

Thursday December 15th

On the 9th day of Bikemas, my bikeshop gave to me:

All the fixin's.

Stuff for fixin stuff that is.  All tools are 25% off today.  Giant's new Clutch tool range, tube wraps, multi tools, chain tools.  Anything in stock is ready to go.

Friday December 16th

On the 10th day of Bikemas, my bikeshop gave to me:

Everything I need to find myself.

All computers in store are on sale.  Basic wired or wireless computers are 25% off, and all in store GPS are 15% off.  That includes the great new Giant Dash product.  If you haven't checked out the new GPS from Giant, you should do so ASAP.  They are Giant branded Stages computers that will use all your Garmin accessories and mounts if you have them.  A great product for a great price, now priced even better.  

For one day only.

Saturday December 17th

On the 11th day of Bikemas, my bikeshop gave to me:

11 burning candles.

Is that part of the song?  If not it should be.  And we don't actually have candles or bic lighters on sale.  However, we do have all lighting products on sale.  All in stock Giant or Magicshine products are 25% off today.  This is a great stocking stuffer that takes up a fair amount of space, or can be a serious gift for the rider in your life.

Tuesday December 20th

On the 12th day of Bikemas, my bikeshop gave to me:

Great savings on all things contact.

All our contact points are 25% off today.  It's the last day of savings, so we made it great.  All in stock pedals, grips, and saddles are 25% off.  What a great way to finish off our 12 days.  All the points where your body contacts the bike are so important.  Stop by and check out our stock today.

And socks!!!  The ultimate stocking stuffer.  And not just our coveted Sock Guy PMC socks (available in both the SGX and Merino wool), but all socks.  Sockguy, and our full (in stock) selection of Merino wool socks.  

PMC socks are on sale for 40% off, and all the other stuff is 25%.