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- Insulated bottle, keeps liquid cold (or warm) for more than 2h - Made from BPA-free, taste-less and odour free polypropylene - Internal metallic PET and polyethylene foam insulation - Fits all standard bottle cages - Made in France - 750ml
- Excellent bottle retention - Easy bottle insertion and removal - Adapts to different bottle diameters - Material: Technopolymer resin and reinforced composite materials - Lightweight: 30 g
Super lightweight bottle cage Only 18g! You'll find it difficult to get hold of a lighter-weight bottle cage than the Pulse L2. Critically, it ensures the bottle is held in place at all times; no matter what the conditions are. It boasts exceptional mechanical properties thanks to its carbon fibre material. Super lightweight - Only 18g Bottle cage - Highly resistant carbon fiber
- Side-opening bottle cage - Ideal for those that don't have enough space in their frame - Reversible for Right or left hand - Composite reinforced fibre-glass - Co2 System holder - Universal holder for Minipumps or extra Co2 cartridges (20-32mm diameter) - Nylon with silicone - Co2 or inflator not included - Weight : 52g
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