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About Us

The beginning

Since I'm editing this page approximately 5 months after the shop opened its doors, I think this is still the beginning.  Pitt Meadows Cycle officially opened February 1st, 2014.  I have great expectations of this being a lasting business, and have faith that the first couple of years will eventually be referred to as 'the beginning'.  If you've already been to the store, thanks for being part of it, and if you haven't, what are you waiting for?  Doesn't everyone like to say that they were around at the beginning?

The Actual History

The Ridge/Meadows area has a storied past when it comes to cycling.  Pitt Meadows Cycle is, in a way, the third incarnation of a shop with a great history.  Pitt Meadows Cycle started with the purchase of the Local Ride. That shop was owned by Barry Lyster and was located near the intersection of Dewdney Trunk Road and 222nd St in Maple Ridge.  Since the unit that the shop was housed in was sold, and the new owners had no desire to own a bike shop, a move was necessary, and a move to Pitt Meadows seemed logical as the city currently had no bike shop.

But, if you dig into the history of the Local Ride bike shop, you quickly come across the name High Gear Bike Shop.  This was a shop located up the road, still on Dewdney Trunk, but much closer to 224th in Maple Ridge.  Owned by Floyd, it was a well known mountain bike shop and served many of the riders who frequented the Woodlot. 

When Barry purchased the shop from Floyd, he changed the name to Local ride, and the shop took on more of a cross country race/road bike flavour.  Catering to a different clientele came naturally to Barry, as he had a passion for that kind of riding, and organized the local XC and road races.

Since moving to Pitt Meadows, the shop has retained a little of the history from both previous incarnations.  We have road bikes, downhill bikes, XC race bikes, BMX, dirt jumpers, cruisers, comfort bikes, hybrids, and just about anything you can think of.  Since we are the only shop in town, it makes sense that we should carry most, if not all, types of bikes.

Rob's History

Floyd sold High Gear Bikes to Barry.  The shop became the Local Ride.  Barry sold the Local Ride to Rob Laluk, and the shop became Pitt Meadows Cycle.  Since Rob was born in Pitt Meadows, and has spent most of his life in the area, it seemed a pretty natural fit to open the shop in Pitt Meadows.  Rob has worked in the local bike industry for over a decade, is a pretty good mechanic, and knows enough of the people and cyclists in the area to know what his shop needs to stock in order to keep the residents of the city happy.

He believes that Pitt Meadows needs a bike shop where you can buy yourself a sub 18 lb road bike for some weekends, a full on downhill rig for those other weekends, a couple of comfort cruisers for your parents, and a bike for your kids, all in the same shop. 

Take time to stop in and you'll find that he's done a pretty good job of fulfilling that belief.